FEBRUARY 5-20, 2016

Calendar Girls
When Annie’s husband John dies of leukemia, she and best friend Chris resolve to raise money for the local hospital waiting room. They manage to persuade other members of their women’s group to pose nude with them for an “alternative” calendar. The news of the women’s charitable venture spreads like wildfire, and hordes of press pursue them. The calendar is a success, but Chris and Annie’s friendship is put to the test under the strain of their new-found fame.


Cora: Shawna Carter

Chris: Vickee Spicer

Annie: Vicki Price

Jessie: Jean Boardman

Celia: Pam Jones

Ruth: Rachel Pearson

Marie: Sara Field Young

Brenda Hulse: Susan Burchill

John: Scott Price

Rod: William R. Brown

Lady Cravenshire: Twila Schneiders

Lawrence: Taylor Smith

Elaine: Jennifer Smith

Liam: TBD