Step on a Crack
Step on a Crack

OCTOBER 8-10 | 9:30AM & 1:00PM

OCTOBER 11 | 2:00PM

Ellie Murphy lived happily with her widowed father, Max. She bowled, ate TV dinners and played with junk. But suddenly life is different. Max has remarried, and Ellie has a stepmother. Ellie and her imaginary friends, Lana and Frizbee, launch into a fantasy world as Ellie seeks to escape real-life problems. They romp through prison breaks, Cinderella and Snow White’s funerals –as well as Ellie’s own – where “everyone is really sorry for all the mean things they did to you.” Only by running away and discovering what it is really like to be alone does Ellie begin to come to terms with herself and her own need for a mother.

Ellie Murphy:  Annie Taggart

Max Murphy:  Jacob Reed

Lucille:  Madeline Paradis

Lana:  Ellie Flynn

Frizbee: Nelson Gutsch

Voices:  Braydyn Houltberg, Alicia Dehaan, Audrey Burgoon