APRIL 5-21, 2013


A true theatrical event, this legendary masterpiece is considered by many to be the greatest musical ever created.

The time is 1971, and theatrical impresario Dimitri Weissmann (famous for his garish Weissmann Follies of yesteryear) hosts a reunion of ex-Follies performers in his crumbling theatre, setting the stage for a parade of brilliant ’20s, ’30s and ’40s pastiche numbers that have become every bit as famous as their models: “Losing My Mind”, “I’m Still Here” and “Broadway Baby” to name a few. Amid the reminiscing, two middle-aged couples confront some unpleasant truths about their past and present and come face to face with the future.


Sally Durant Plummer: Michelle Cardinal Dolan

Young Sally: Morgan Soldan

Buddy Plummer: Joe McMurray

Young Buddy: Jon-Luke Martin

Phyllis Rogers Stone: Vickee Spicer

Young Phyllis: Chelsea Kenyon

Benjamin Stone: Robert Jones

Dimitri Weissman: John Ryberg

Stella Deems: Peggy Simms

Max Deems: Jeff Harrison

Heidi Schiller: Twila Schneiders

Young Heidi: Jill M. French

Christine Donovan: Barb Sackrider

Roscoe: Chuck Leahy

Dee Dee West: Martha Carroll

Hattie Walker: Marlys Tillman

Emily Whitman: Vicki Price

Theodore Whitman: Scott Price

Solange LaFitte: Shawna Carter

Carlotta Campion: Cathie Norris

Sandra Crane: Ernestine Morrison

Francesca: Sally Cobb

“Buddy’s Blues” — Sally: Kim Mowery

“Buddy’s Blues” — Margie: Brenna Downs

Brenna Downs
Shelby Quackenbush
Kim Mowery
Jonathan Flores
A J Dix
Brooke Albright
Tristan Spencer
Jennifer Kohart