October 5 – 9, 2021


Honk! Jr. 

This delightful adaptation of the beloved fable and the award-winning musical is a heartwarming celebration of what makes us special.

Ugly looks quite a bit different from his darling duckling brothers and sisters. The other animals on the farm are quick to notice and point this out, despite his mother’s protective flapping. Feeling rather foul about himself, the little fowl finds himself on an adventure of self-discovery, all the while unknowingly outwitting a very hungry Cat. Along the way, Ugly meets a whole flock of unique characters and finds out being different is not a bad thing to be.

Narrative by MTI

Ugly: Camille Graber

Ida: Sloan Homelvig

Cat: Kinsleigh Showman

Drake: Gabriel Freeland

Maureen: Mari Brown-Mereles

Grace: Erin Dolezal

Henrietta/Mother Swan: Kira Davis

Turkey/Jaybird: Bella Carter

Greylag/Duckyard Family: Mac Sheforgen

Dot/Duckyard Family: Addilyn Jagodzinske

Bullfrog/Duckyard Family/Camera Crew: Andrew Graber

Beaky/Goose Squad/Froglet: Larkin French

Fluff/Goose Squad/Froglet: Ryleigh Showman

Downy/Goose Squad/Froglet: Maya Brown-Mereles

Billy/Goose Squad: Dominic Freeland

Pinkfoot/Penny/Duckyard Family: Aria Jagodzinske

Barnacles/Father Swan/Duckyard Family: Parker Anderson-Kepley

Snowy/Bewick/Duckyard Family: Atticus Reynolds



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Director – Megan Coberly

Music Director – Bradyn Houltberg

Choreographer – Anna Gutierrez

Stage Manager – Chloe Highsmith

Props Chief – Harper Johnston