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May 2023

Iron Street Dance Company traditionally performs at this CTA showcase on Saturday.
Final Schedule TBD

Center for Theatre Arts

Iron Street Dance Company

The members of Iron Street Dance Company (ISDC) are exemplary performers both on and off stage. These students audition for their spot in the company and are held to the highest standards at CTA. They are an established team of individuals who are required to enroll in one ballet and tap class along with the ISDC class time. Additionally ISDC members are required to audition for two SCT shows every year, as well as take part in all of the outreach programs CTA has partnered with.  They are considered leaders at CTA and practice encouraging mindful techniques both in class time and outside of class time.

Meet the 2022 - 2023 Company

I am Audrey Jagodzinske and I will be a senior at Salina Central this year. Outside of dance I enjoy singing in choir and listening to music. My favorite style of dance would have to be ballet because of how much strength it requires to look that graceful. If I could be any color I would be blue because it reminds me of the ocean.

I am Camille Morris, a senior at Salina Central. I enjoy doing theatre and watercolor painting in my free time. My Favorite type of dance is ballet cause it is so beautiful and graceful even when it takes so much strength. To finish it off if I was a color I’d be a color of green!

My name is Brynn Shaft, and I am a Sophomore at Salina Central. Other than dance, I am involved with Central’s theatre troupe. My favorite style of dance is contemporary because it is a great way to express your emotions through the music. If I was a color, I would be light yellow because it reminds me of happiness.

My name is Andrew Graber. I am a freshman at Salina Central High School and this is my first year on ISDC. My favorite type of dance is jazz because it showcases different moods and energy; with leaps, turns and movement. Outside of dance, I love theatre and singing. My favorite color is black because it is powerful, classy and sophisticated – and matches everything!

Hi. My name is Jocelyn Bailey and I am a sophomore at South high school. My favorite types of dance are ballet and contemporary because they help me express myself. If I could be any color I would be green because it’s calm, cool, and collected!

My name is Mari Brown-Mereles, and I am a freshman at Salina Central High School. My favorite type of dance is Contemporary because I can put my emotions through dance and tell a story. If I could be any color I would be pink because it is a bright and fun color and it seems like a positive color.