Upcoming Events


May 23rd at 5:00 p.m.

– Auditionees must be exiting the 8th grade through entering 12th grade in age range
– Dress code is all black dance attire with Jazz and Character shoes
– Instructors will be looking for solid demonstration of technique, musicality and overall performance
– Potential new members must bring or email two letters:
1. A personal testimony explaining why they wish to become a member of ISDC
2. A letter of recommendation from a non-relative authority figure
– Returning members (Junior or Senior in age) must bring or email one letter explaining why they want to be a captain of ISDC if they so desire
– Dancers can expect group warm up, technique demonstration with combinations across the floor, and to learn two short dances in different styles
Basic Expectations of ISDC Members
1. Enrolled in 1 Ballet class and 1 Tap class in addition to ISDC
2. Audition for 2 productions at Theatre Salina, with at least one being a mainstage musical
3. Participation in Salina Parade of Lights (November), Salina Symphony Christmas Festival (December), and Dancing with Salina Stars (August)
Please send letters to Maggie Spicer Brown at maggie.s.spicer@gmail.com
and contact her with any questions regarding auditions.

Center for Theatre Arts

Iron Street Dance Company


The members of Iron Street Dance Company (ISDC) are exemplary performers both on and off stage. These students audition for their spot in the company and are held to the highest standards at CTA. They are an established team of individuals who are required to enroll in one ballet and tap class along with the ISDC class time. Additionally ISDC members are required to audition for two SCT shows every year, as well as take part in all of the outreach programs CTA has partnered with.  They are considered leaders at CTA and practice encouraging mindful techniques both in class time and outside of class time.

Meet the Company

My name is Anna Gutierrez, and I’m a Senior at Salina Central High School. My favorite class at CTA is PBT, because of all the technique I gain.  ISDC Means a lot to me. I’ve been a member since 8th grade. It has always been a safe space for me to clear my head and do what I love. I’m really excited to be Captain again for my last year.

I’m Emma Kelly and I am Junior Captain. I am a Senior at Salina Central High School.
My favorite class at CTA is Advanced Hip Hop because there is no better feeling than busting a move
ISDC is a second family, it’s a safe space where I can talk to the most understanding group of people I have ever met.

My name is Audrey Jagodzinske, and I go to Salina Central. My favorite CTA class to take is contemporary. ISDC means the world to me, because I can be free and be myself when I’m there.

Hi, my name is Camille Morris. I go to Salina Central High school, and I love taking ballet classes at CTA. ISDC is like a family it is so fun getting to dance with the amazing friends I’ve made through dance!

My name is Brynn Shaft, and I have been dancing for eleven years. I am a freshman at Salina Central. ISDC is such an amazing opportunity to expand my knowledge and love for dance, and I get to make new friends along the way. The other members are so welcoming and are just really great people to be around. My favorite class at CTA is ballet, because I love the way you get to tell a story in a different way.

I’m Cora White, I’m a senior at Salina Central High School. My favorite class to take is tap, because it is challenging and very precise. ISDC to me means family, we all take care for each other and always have one another’s backs. It is a place I want to be all the time and I always look forward to dancing with my dance family.

My name is Ella Payne. I am a senior and Salina Central High School. My favorite class at CTA is contemporary. IDSC is very meaningful to me. It has introduced me to a whole new family that will now forever be a part of my life. I always look forward to seeing the ISDC girls at dance every night!