SEPTEMBER 6-22, 2013

Shrek, The MusicalFull of new songs and great dancing, Shrek, The Musical is part romance, part twisted fairy tale, and irreverent fun for all!


Shrek:  Keenan Ramos
Donkey:  Eric Cole
Fiona:  Ariana Stavropoulos
Prince Farquaad:  Joe McMurray
Papa Ogre, King Herald, Papa Bear:  Stephen Mai
Mama Ogre, Queen Lilian:  Twila Schneiders
Little Shrek:  Caleb Morris
Pinocchio, Knight #1:  Paul Minneman
Wolf, Head Guard, Knight #2:  Caleb Rivera
Pig #1, Knight #3:  Jonathan Flores
Pig #2, Knight #4:  AJ Dix
Pig #3:  Nathan Zimmerman
Baby Bear:  Eli Starmer
Teen Fiona, Mouse:  Shelby Quackenbush
Young Fiona, Blind Mouse:  Sofie Flores
Fairy Godmother:  Amanda Ring
White Rabbit, Blind Mouse:  Xan Mattek
Gingy:  Addie Justus
Dragon, Sugar Plumb Fairy, Blue Bird:  Timeri Herrington
Mama Bear:  Shannon Starmer
Guard :  Braydon Boyer
Peter Pan, Mouse:  Katie Zuercher
Greeter, Mouse:  Jazlyn Kingsolver
Duckling, Mouse:  Brooke Albright
Elf, Mouse:  Hannah Janzen
Duloc Performer, Blind Mouse:  Janae Schulte
Pied Piper, Duloc Performer:  Tresilyn Tucker