SEPTEMBER 10-26, 2010

hello dollyFull of memorable songs, this production takes us on a whirlwind race around The Big Apple at the turn of the twentieth century. Come along and follow the adventures of America’s most beloved matchmaker.


Ermangarde: Courtney Irwin
Horace: John Claman
Dolly: Vickee Spicer
Cornelius: Roman Burrows
Barnaby: David Price
Ambrose: Robbie Collins
Mrs. Malloy: Melissa Burrows
Ernestina: Anne Hoekstra
Rudolph: Loren Young
Judge/Chorus: Mike Trow
Minnie Fay: Jill French
Mrs. Rose: Lisa Ochs

Heather O’Dell
Clinton Clark
Paul Minneman
Lanara Luthi
Penny Coffman
Selinda Martin
Shayla Martin
Shawna Carter
Katie Zuercher
Amy Zuercher
Sofie Flores
Scott Price
Beverly Salmon
Mike Loy
Jon-Luc Martin